El Patio Blue

Last night my neighbor looked determined
Absolutely Unwavering and Resolute
7 hundred feet from where that police shot Oscar
Her large spirit sauntered
In a black bathrobe, shouting:
"GET BACK HERE!!........NOW!!"
It made me think about creativity
And the tools she would need
To spin this world off its imperial axis
She had three more dogs: Mercedes, Hugo, and Laura
The last one is what my daughter would call her
Whenever they spoke over the bumbling fence
Absentmindedly I step back
Into a pile of shit so thicc
It obscured my complacent achilles
Left behind by that damn Mercedes
I thought about accessories and $$$
And what it takes for a woman to be seen
All of which can be heard
From the checkout counter of the local coffee shop
Where reputations can be ruined
With 1 hundred well done beans
Elsewhere a man elegantly
Advances white cups unceremoniously
Towards Black lips
His wet, red tongue
Saturated with sweet milk
That softens the blow
Of what’s yet to come

by Stephen Wilson