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"I see colors and shapes in life and try to remember them for when I'm in front of some paper again. A canvas. A blank sheet. Seeing an idea of a painting in my head is like a race. A race to get it down on paper before it leaves my brain."
"My habit was running into a hundred and fifty dollars a day, so I turned to forging checks to make the extra dough. One night I overdosed and my heart stopped beating. I was technically dead for three minutes. The next thing I knew, these people were putting milk in my veins, and they were slapping me around until I came to."
"Headline: I’m Blessed! Dream Job Offer! Help Me Move From Texas To Seattle! A very moving story with a link to donate to his PayPal account to help with the move. All he needed was the cash to move. Roughly $1500. Sid donated the final $50 needed to make his dreams come true."
"Through the art of flowers and floral arranging I was able to create a gift from my heart. I became obsessed with the array of colors and shapes Mother Nature has provided us through the medium of flowers."

"I tried listening to her cry, but her pride wouldn't allow it."
A story about management, trust, and self reliance. BY CADENCE WEAPON
"While Albert Collins attended Jack Yates High School in Third Ward, he began playing with Gatemouth. Famously known as “The Iceman” and “The Master of the Telecaster”, Collins got his first band together at 18, the Rhythm Rockers, which included a young Johnny Clyde Copeland."
"The house that stood is now rubble. I mourn it, knowing that I will not see him again."
"...making something that hints at something larger and is trying to get closer to a vague universal idea."

"We are the ship; all else the sea."
"Employment in Oil and Gas in Houston is like a fraternity. It’s an old boys club where southern alma matters are celebrated, meetings at strip clubs are normal, and everyone owns being overpaid and wears it like a badge."
"A Serious Question --- How Long Will This Last?"
"I use traditional archives and the archives of my bloodline to explore conflicts of representation in a post-colonial landscape."

"I’ve been trying to document what I’ve been up to during these ongoing pandemics (COVID-19, mass unemployment, and police brutality), but honestly, it’s been hard."
BY RONALD JONES. "I was biking through Downtown as I had been almost every night that week. It was Thursday and I felt that I may have been a bit too active, but wanted to continue the streak of night time photography and positive conversations."
Interview by Fat Tony; Photography by Kenneth Bachor
One Poem, Nine Photographs: Houston, Rotterdam, Kyoto, Oakland

"I've always been the most devious thief of my own joy." BY ZACH MCKENZIE
"I think how I feel on a given day is mostly random or based on diet and has nothing to do with what's going on in my life"
"Well I've always been a creative person, even as a kid."
"Someone brought Ciroc"
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